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Simply Good News - Recognising Who Jesus Is
Jack Walker
Simply Good News: Recognising who Jesus is (Pilate’s Story) Key thought: Recognising Jesus for who he is Never before has the act of washing one’s hands held such significance. In one sense, it is Pilate who sentences Jesus to be crucified. On the other, he seems to recognise the injustice of his actions, and the reality of who Jesus is. Join us as we reflect on Pilate’s story and what it might tell us about Jesus, King of the Jews.
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  • Recorded: 15/04/2018
  • Length: 22 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 27:11-26
Simply Good News: It’s for sharing
Steve Wood
Baptism Testimonies and Simply Good News: It’s for sharing Key thought: Good news to share The Guards’ were paid to share some fake news that would explain how Jesus’ body had disappeared. We all have a choice as to how we respond to the good news? We can pretend it’s not true and keep it to ourselves or we can believe in Him, trust in Him, and show our love for Him by sharing His good news with everyone we know.
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  • Recorded: 08/04/2018
  • Length: 0 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 28:11-15
Simply Good News - He Gave Everything For Us
Jack Walker
Key thought: the one who gave everything for us “Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground, and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.” As we join together on Good Friday, we reflect on the suffering that Jesus went through for each one of us and thank him for it.
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  • Downloads: 30
  • Recorded: 30/03/2018
  • Length: 44 minutes
  • References: Matthew 26:36-45
    Matthew 27:11-61
Simply Good News - The Last Supper
Roy Taylor
Key thought: the one who gave everything for us On this evening, as Jesus celebrated the feast of Passover with his disciples, the meal took on a new meaning and a greater significance than ever before. On this evening, we come together to share in the Lord’s Supper; to remember past rescue; to receive present feeding; and to reflect on the promise of future table fellowship with the one who gave everything for us.
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  • Recorded: 29/03/2018
  • Length: 55 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 26:17-30
Simply Good News - The Greatest Love
Jack Walker
Key thought: The Best News Of All Early on the Sunday morning, Mary visited Jesus tomb, only to be told by an angel that “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” In the moments that follow, and using all of the gospel accounts, we hear her say the words: “I have seen the Lord”. She is filled with joy- this news is the best news of all; news too good to be true; news so good it has to be true. How will you respond?
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  • Downloads: 23
  • Recorded: 01/04/2018
  • Length: 23 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 28:1-10
Simply Good News 2 - A kingdom like no other
Steve Wood
Key thought: A kingdom like no other As Jesus entered Jerusalem on the back of a colt, the people stopped to praise Him. They believed this was the dawn of a new Kingdom, yet they had not grasped just how different the Kingdom of God would be. Today, we still await the coming Kingdom. Do we understand everything that it is and that it will bring?
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  • Downloads: 39
  • Recorded: 25/03/2018
  • Length: 0 minutes
  • Reference: Luke 19:28-44
Simply Good News 1 - Nothing Wasted
Jack Walker
Key thought: Nothing we do for Jesus is wasted We begin our series with a story of contrast; the adoration and love of Mary (see John 12:1-11) and the rejection and hatred that means Jesus will soon experience death on the cross. The act of Mary reminds us that nothing done for Jesus is wasted, and nothing forgotten; how then should we respond?
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  • Downloads: 38
  • Recorded: 18/03/2018
  • Length: 28 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 26:6-12
Paraclesis Pt.6 – Connecting: Have you ever felt the need?
Steve Wood
There is huge need around us and the challenge is: will we connect our journey with those needs, or, as someone once put it, will we just remain preaching to the choir?
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MP3 Audio (26.6MB)
  • Downloads: 52
  • Recorded: 11/03/2018
  • Length: 28 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 3:1-10
Paraclesis 5 – Healing: Strong at the broken places
Jack Walker
There are many broken places on the journey of life. However, if we travel together, these can be moments for us to bring comfort; to restore and repair so that people can move on with their lives from a position of strength, not weakness.
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  • Downloads: 80
  • Recorded: 04/03/2018
  • Length: 35 minutes
  • Reference: Luke 13:10-17
Paraclesis 4 – Living: Choose life
Steve Wood
In this week’s all-age service, we’ll be exploring how we can help those we journey with find direction, insight and wisdom for their lives through a living relationship with God.
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  • Downloads: 56
  • Recorded: 25/02/2018
  • Length: 17 minutes