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God speaks in star language
Steve Wood
For the 3rd in our 5 week advent series, we look at the account of the visit of the Magi and reflect on how we respond to the news about the Messiah
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  • Recorded: 09/12/2018
  • Length: 28 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 2:1-12
5 Week Advent - WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Jesus’ Messy Family Tree.
Steve Wood
Our extended Advent season begins with a look a Jesus' messy family tree as we explore how God uses a range of (often unlikely) people then and now
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  • Downloads: 41
  • Recorded: 25/11/2018
  • Length: 32 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 1:1-17
Our Discipleship Matters: Discipling One Another
Jack Walker
Discipleship isn’t easy. It requires us to remain focused on Christ as we teach and support one another in our day to day lives. It requires us to live together in peace. It requires us to be family.
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  • Downloads: 31
  • Recorded: 18/11/2018
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Reference: Colossians 3:15-17
Our sacrifice matters: Jesus calls his first disciples
Steve Wood
Peter and Andrew “left their nets and followed him.” James and John “left their boat and their father and followed him.” Was it really this simple? Did they really just leave it all behind, and what does it say to us today?
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  • Downloads: 71
  • Recorded: 11/11/2018
  • Length: 34 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 4:18-22
Our Sowing Matters - The Kingdom Seed That Produces Growth
Jack Walker
I wonder how many people who have walked through the doors of this building have been touched by Jesus. Some we may know about. Others we may never know about. These parables tell us many things, and certainly remind us that we’re called only to sow, and then to let God do the rest. How’s your sowing going?
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  • Downloads: 75
  • Recorded: 04/11/2018
  • Length: 23 minutes
  • Reference: Mark 4:26-33
Our service matters: we all have a role to play
Steve Wood
Our service matters: we all have a role to play It doesn’t matter how old or young we are; how big or small; whether we’re in Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade or not; we have all been called to follow Jesus and to help others follow him too.
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  • Downloads: 124
  • Recorded: 28/10/2018
  • Length: 18 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 5:13-16
Guardrails - Honest Relationships & Honest Words
Jack Walker
Let me try to tell you what it really should mean if a fellow says to a girl, ‘I love you.' It means: ‘You, you, you. You alone. You shall reign in my heart. You are the one whom I have longed for; without you I am incomplete. I will give everything for you and I will give up everything for you, myself as well as all that I possess. I will live for you alone, and I will work for you alone. And I will wait for you - it doesn't matter how long. I will always be patient with you. I will never force you, not ev
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  • Downloads: 105
  • Recorded: 21/10/2018
  • Length: 30 minutes
Guardrails: Happy Families
Steve Wood
Families come in all shapes and sizes and are certainly not always easy. However, they are a gift from God that we are commanded by God to pay attention to. Join us as we explore what that means and what the Bible has to say about this aspect of family life.
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  • Downloads: 100
  • Recorded: 14/10/2018
  • Length: 33 minutes
  • Reference: Exodus 20:12
Guardrails - Holy Habits
Jack Walker
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MP3 Audio (24.9MB)
  • Downloads: 101
  • Recorded: 07/10/2018
  • Length: 27 minutes
  • Reference: Exodus 20
Guardrails - Enough
Steve Wood
As we celebrate harvest and everything that God has given us, we continue our series on Guardrails, looking at the theme of ‘Enough’. Surely, if we’ve been given so much, we must take notice of God’s commandments not to steal, and not to want what someone else has got. Why then, do we find it so difficult?
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  • Downloads: 129
  • Recorded: 30/09/2018
  • Length: 32 minutes