Easter 2018 @ NPBC 

Simply Good News

Easter is our favourate time of the year at NPBC and for 2018 we are excited about the theme - it's 'Simply Good News'.

You can get all the information you need about this series on our News page, but if it's details about our Easter programme you're looking for, then you will find everything you need below.


Date Time Details
Palm Sunday
25th March 2018
10.30am Join us as we celebrate Palm Sunday with a Family Service led by Steve Wood. Steve will be focussing on Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and will be reflecting on the kingdom which Jesus brought - 'A Kingdom Like No Other'. 
Maundy Thursday
29th March 2018
8.00am This evening we reflect on Jesus' last meal with his friends and its significance for us today. Roy Taylor will lead us as we come together to share in the Lord’s Supper and remember the one who gave everything for us.
Good Friday
30th March 2018
11.00am This is the day when we remember that Jesus died for us. Jack Walker will lead us as we reflect on the suffering that Jesus went through for each one of us and thank him for it.
Easter Day
1st April 2018
6.30am Join us as we gather in the garden behind Lovat Hall and remember that He is risen. Imagine the scene, you visit Jesus’ tomb only to find it empty. As so many thoughts rush through your head, an angel tells you: "He is not here; he has risen, just as he said." Imagine the joy that follows. Steve Wood will lead us during this significant time of worship.
Easter Day
1st April 2018
10.30am We meet together for Easter Day and celebrate Jesus' Resuection. Jack Walker will be focusing on Mary's story. Mary visited Jesus tomb, only to be told by an angel that “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” In the moments that follow, and using all of the gospel accounts, we hear her say the words: “I have seen the Lord”. She is filled with joy - this news is the best news of all; news too good to be true; news so good it has to be true. How will you respond?