NPBC is Growing

Building Site ProjectNewport Pagnell Baptist Church is growing and our home, Lovat Hall, is starting to feel a little cramped. We wouldn't have believed this back in 1996 when we moved into Lovat Hall. It felt as though we had loads of space, and our days of looking for larger buildings was over. However, God has had other plans. He has continued to bless us and we have continued to grow. In fact we reckon we will reach our capacity within the next few years.

So what are we going to do about it?

Well, after a lot of prayer, talking, consulataions and more prayer, we've decidied to extend and upgrade Lovat Hall. The fact is we like it where we are. We're located at the heart of Newport Pagnell and we want to continue making Lovat Hall our home. We also like sharing our building with the local community and the many groups who use it week in and week out. 

These are early days, but we're excited to confirm that we've now appointed architects to draw up detailed designs for us so that we can go for planning permission. All being well, we're hoping the building work will start in 2020 and the first phase will be completed by 2021.

The other news is we've kicked off our fund raising activities. We're aware that at some point, we will have to borrow some money, but we're also hoping to raise a lot of the funds ourselves. We've therefore set ourselves our first target - to raise £30,000 in 2017.

So comeback soon and we'll give you more details about our plans, what we are doing to raise the money and how you can help us with our building project.

Roy Taylor, 25/01/2017