10 Pin Bowling Event 2017

10 Pin Bowling
At NPBC, we believe meeting together for worship and teaching each Sunday is important, but we also love getting together just for fun. It allows us to get to know each other better, develop our friendships and, well, just have fun.

As has now become tradition, our first event of the year is a 10 pin bowling event.

Whatever standard you play at, we would love to see you joining one of our teams. Even if you've never had a go at 10 pin bowling before, we'd still love to see you join us. If you don't fancy a game, why not just come and watch the others, we can guarantee laughs along the way.

Here is what you need to know - we're meeting on Wednesday 8th February at 8.00pm at the Hollywood Bowl in the Xscape building. The cost will be £13.50 and for that you can expect two games of 10 pin bowling and a drink. The cost also includes a donation of £1.11 to our new building fund. If you're up for it, then please let Jonathan Winship or Steve Greenfield know before the end of January or just contact the church office.

Please also contact us if you have any questions about this event, or for details about any of our events at NPBC.