Gift Development Pack

Getting Ready for RenewalAt NPBC we have a simple vision, it’s “to see people saved, discipled and serving” and in 2017 we have also have a theme of ‘Getting Ready for Renewal’.

As part of the ‘discipling’ core value, we want to enable and facilitate everyone in their gifting and so during January, as part of our Sunday services, we are looking at Romans 12 which tells us that we all have gifts and those gifts are for serving the Lord and for serving others.

You might be wondering what your spiritual gift is. Try downloading the ‘Gift Development Pack’ using the link below and working your way through the material. The pack includes a gifting questionnaire which will help point at your relative strengths and weaknesses. It might also be useful to complete the questionnaire as part of your small group.


You overwhelm me with Your gifts, Lord. In return, I want to
give You the very best present that I can. Please show me what
You want most from me.