Guardians of Ancora LOGO

Holiday Club 2016 - 15th-18th August.

Once, the Hall of Memory in the city of Ancora was filled with wonderful story-treasures, each a reminder of one of the great stories of the Saga (the Bible). Now, many of those objects have been lost.

GOA CharactersEach day of the club, the task of the Guardians (the children of the club), will be to find a lost story-treasure, return it to the Hall of Memory and explore the story that it represents. As the Hall fills up, the Guardians will discover how each story fits together to reveal more about who Jesus is and how they might develop their own relationship with him.

The 'Guardians of Ancora' Holiday Club will take place at Lovat Hall each day from 15th to 18th August between 10.00am to 12.30pm. All club members can expect the usual mix of craft, games, music, videos and so much more.

Early registration is essential so to book a place get hold of a registration form and complete it as soon as possible - certainly by 30th June. You can pick up a registration form at Lovat Hall or from Cambourne Tavel which you'll find on the High street. Alternatively, can you download a registration form (and get more information) from the CTNP website.