Men 4 Christ

NPBC Men 4 Christ

We're very excited to announce the launch of a brand new name for the men's activities taking place at NPBC. We're calling it 'Men 4 Christ' or M4C for short.

M4C LogoAt NPBC we've always been aware of the importance of having activities just for men; activities which simply provide opportunities for men to relax and enjoy each other's company. Not just the men who attend NPBC regularly, but also the men on the fringe of church or indeed; rarely attend church. In fact, that was the motivation for setting up our Men's Breakfast events many years ago, to provide an enjoyable (and high quality) environment in which men can meet and socialise - and eat good food!

Over the years we have also organised the occasional social activity such as attending sporting events or simply enjoying a meal together. We've also introduced a men's bible study group in the last couple of years which has become valuable to those who participate.

Now we've pulled all these activities together and we’re calling it M4C.

We've got so many ideas for future events and we can't wait to get started. In fact we've already announced some on our brand new M4C website. So please take a look right now and let us know what you think, and more importantly, spread the word. We want to reach all men with links to NPBC and our prayer is that as well as having a great time, we can help each other to grow in our faith and understand what it means to become Men 4 Christ.