Adventures in Generosity

Adventures in GenerosityIn 2015, some of us at NPBC have decided to undertake a year of living generously. The aim is to push us out of our comfort zones; to break out of the comfortable, leafy suburb mentality that we feel we often have and take on the gospel a little more radically; to genuinely challenge how we currently use our energy, gifts, time and money in order to make the greatest possible difference in response to God's calling. The hope is that it will change the way we live for the rest of our lives.

In all honesty, we have no idea where it will take us or how easy (or more likely difficult) we might find it. We certainly don't have all the answers. However, we do want to inspire others to take the same journey (if you're not on it already). It's our intention to write about the experience; the choices we make; the things that we find easy and difficult; the stuff we get right and the stuff we get wrong. We don't want any of this to be about blowing our own trumpet but that we can point towards God and what it is that he asks us all to do.

If you do want to share in the adventure, we're going to be meeting once a month to pray together, support one another, look at what the Bible has to say about generosity and to share our experiences. Feel free to contact us for more details.

PS. If you’re interested, Steve Wood is blogging about his experience in learning how to live generously and you can check it out at