Small Groups

Small-Groups-LogoAt Newport Pagnell Baptist Church, we believe coming together each week for worship and teaching is very important. That is why we meet each Sunday Morning at Lovat Hall. But church is more than that. Church is people living life together, throughout the week at home, work and in their community.

Each week many of us meet to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh and live. We call these Small Groups and we believe they are at the heart of NPBC. Life is becoming so busy, and NPBC is not immune from that, so Small Groups are the way in which we remain small, and the only way to stop us getting lost in the crowd.
Our Small Groups are fundamental to us, NPBC, functioning well.  It’s where we can help each other grow to be more like Jesus, and care for the hurting and injured members of the body, as well as for sharing the good news of Jesus. In a busy church like ours, Small Groups are the best and primary way in which we can do this and in 2015, our vision is to see more of us attending and participating in Small Groups.

Join a Small Group

If you’re looking to feel more involved in a church, membership of a Small Group is the way to do it. And while it’s always scary to meet new people and feel like a stranger, we promise you, you won’t be a stranger for very long. If you would like to join one, then please feel free to contact us. We will introduce you to a Small Group that suits you best.